Welcome to ListMySiteNow.com, a few years ago, I wanted to get to the top of the Google search engine and everyone was asking me how I could do this for them. I said yeah, just give me the name and url of your site, and I'll see what I come up with. Well after a few years of research, I came up with a solution that really works and now I'm ready to provide you with that same solution for your website. Just as I've helped so many friends and family get to the top of the Google search engines, I am going to help you as well. All I ask for you to do is give me a chance and I'll show you what I can do. Fair enough?


A few things before we get started. First off, do you already have a domain name registered? Registering a domain name can be very easy to do, but finding one that hasn't already been taken can be difficult. Especially if the person or company who owns the domain name that you want is not ready or willing to give it up. Of course, some domain names are up for sale, and if you are willing enough to pay for some of these outrageously priced domains then be my guest. I usually search for alternative names if the one that I really want is not available.


The next bit of information that I will need from you are keywords. What keywords signifies your Website above and beyond all other Websites. In other words, what makes your website unique? List them out like for instance if I created a website called, "www.Number1Website.com" I would want to list keywords like "number1,number1website,number,1..." so on and so forth until you reach about 200 characters.


The next thing you will need to successfully submit your website to all of the major search engines is the description of your Website. What your website does, or what products and/or services or even information that you provide. It could even be a personal site that you would like to be placed at the topmost position. Whatever you choose for your description should only be 250 characters in length.


Finally, I need to know what your information is or what information you would like to be submitted to the search engines. This can be your company's address information, the name of your company, your name, etc. Other pieces of information are optional, and we never collect social security or credit card information so don't worry about that. We just need the information that you would like the search engines to know about. That's all. Pretty simple isn't it?